KNX System is one of the most pioneering systems worldwide in the field of smart control system in buildings and smart homes to cope with the future development in the modern world, as It transfers any building into smart and modern, it can be used in different buildings whether residential or commercial.



 Main functions of     KNX System:

  • Lighting Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Curtain & window lamp control
  • Alert System and security
  • Power System
  • Audio and video Functions
  • Access control system in Buildings & Hotels  


Advantages of KNX System for Smart buildings


   Worldwide system with high technology


In The future all Buildings will apply KNX system, so It’s Necessary to use it currently to cope with the fast-growing technology worldwide, to make your building smart & Modern.


Luxury, Prosperity & Elegance


Added Value for any building

In case of the desire of the owner to sell the building after a period of time.


Lighting Control:

  •  Turning off /on, Dimming
  • Automatic lighting
  • Automatic Time Lighting
  • Saving specific lighting pattern and recall it.


 The Ability of adding your personal Touches in system control

You can easily save specific lighting pattern and recall it when needed, such as: Reading Time, Food Time, TV / cinema time.


Usage Accessibility

Through using The Automatic control such as (Automatic turning lights on sunset, automatic curtain closure during wind blowing) or through hand /Remote control using smart devices, and through internet.


Power Saving

The system is very efficient in energy consumption. as you can get back the money paid for system installation over time.



Time & Effort Saving

Such as Turning off all lights with only one button.



The Electricity used is 29 voltage only which is very safe to the users.



The system is being installed physically with cables & Wires for one time, then programming is created based on customer’s request, so any modification needed in the future will be made through programming only without any change in cables or wires.


Design Consistency

All Control Switches and control units of lighting, Audio, Curtains and pumps are all consistent with the same design and the same model.



KNX System is scalable and can be reprogrammed easily.



KNX System is compatible with other devices and can be connected with low current systems  (Cameras systems, Interphone system, anti-theft & Fire system and audio system) as it can be controlled through central control panel which is Home Server.



KNX system can be used for all applications in controlling any building.


All types of buildings

KNX system can be used in all different buildings whether residential or commercial.


System Control Tools

(Switches, Touch screens, Computers, smart devices, iPhone, I Pad, Remote control, controlling via internet, controlling via mobile network, Central control, turning all lights on/off with one button, Central or individual control for each circuit, controlling combination of circuits at the same time.


 KNX is  Full Security system

Building storming detection, Smoking Detection, Access Control, Supervision and follow




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