Intelligent lighting technology is designed to save energy consumption, resource conservation and the environment by controlling and adjusting its system to operate only when needed, and allows you to control the power and amount of lighting you need.
TECH ZILLA company is seeking to develop their products and offer advanced solutions in the field of smart lighting, to achieve high efficiency in energy use, and offer smart products add a touch of elegant and stylish on your daily life, in addition to being eco-friendly products.

Smart lighting can be used in the lighting of houses, restaurants and various establishments, in addition to street lighting, traffic lights, cinemas and more.


Lighting Control:

All kinds of lighting can be controlled by KNX, V-BUS system

- Operating, amortization and dimming

- Automatic lighting

- Automatic time control

- Store a specific lighting pattern and call it

- Control of color-changing LED lighting



Smart lighting systems features:


1. Easy to use, and remote control of lighting systems through your mobile

2. save energy

3. quickly and easily unplug from any electric friction

 4 - the use of advanced lighting lamps that have a longer life than regular bulbs and does not produce heat and does not consume a lot of energy.

      Ceiling Armature With  Emergency Lighting                      &Motion Sensor                                              AC00.OW-07001 

Ceiling Armature With Motion Sensor

      Ceiling Armature With  Emergency Lighting                      &Motion Sensor                                            AC00.OW-07001 

9 W Slim Led Downlight    

9 W Slim Led Downlight   

9 W Slim Led Downlight    

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