In techzilla we design hotel management systems for all hotel operations starting from the reception and related sections, providing detailed information about the status of rooms, reservations or groups and tourist offices that send guests to the hotel and With many Features including : :


Hotel Management System Features:

Full control of the building by a program on Receptionist computer

The door is opened automatically by the external unit and therefore the traditional hotel lock is no longer required .

Several types of cards can be controlled (guest - management - cleaning workers ... etc)

The guest can control all elements of the room (lighting, air conditioning, curtains, etc.) through an application running on his mobile

Enjoy the system easily and conveniently in use.

Time and effort can be saved during guest requests (the request of the cleaning agent appears upon reception and the service will be served as soon as possible)

Easy and fast booking process for rooms.

Scenarios can be made for the whole building with Different seasons, leading to energy savings

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