- The benefits of smart home technologies not only to provide convenience to the user and to improve the quality of life, but also relying on these technologies can provide advanced security and protection systems for home.

 One of these systems is intercom systems that allow internal (video) communication for home residents using touch screens to interact with visitors waiting outside the house.


As well as Access control and Communicating with anyone on the other side using visual technology bi-directional intercom.


TECHZILLA has a set of the latest high-quality Intercom systems with the following features:


- Providing safety and protection to buildings and facilities, as it helps you to identify persons before getting into your home.

- Guarantee Access control to prevent unwanted people and animals to break into the building

- Ability to Communicate through audio & video with the visitors outside the building or with the concierge.

-Facilitate communication, provide security and saving time.

- Possibility of connecting with a large number of apartments.

-Sound clarity .

-  High-quality display screen.

- Intercom devices of various types Can be installed in: residential properties (Houses - Villas - Apartments) companies, institutions, and hotels.

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