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Smart Hotel
Personalized Guest Experiences

With our Smart Hotel Solution, a 5-star stay is just a touch away. Guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, and music, schedule wake-up scenes, request valet service, and more—from one intuitive remote.
Our Solutions are compatible with properties in pre-construction, undergoing a remodel, or those that have been standing for decades.

  • Full control of the building by a program on Receptionist computer
  • The door is opened automatically by the external unit and therefore the traditional hotel lock is no longer required
  • Several types of cards can be controlled (guest - management - cleaning workers ... etc)
  • The guest can control all elements of the room (lighting, air conditioning, curtains, etc.) through an application running on his mobile
  • Time and effort can be saved during guest requests
  • Easy and fast booking process for rooms
  • Scenarios can be made for the whole building with Different seasons, leading to energy savings

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