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TV mirror is a magic mirror that turns into a TV screen when it is turned on, with high resolution and Full HD. When TV is closed, the screen completely disappears to show the beauty and elegance of the mirror.

 TV mirror is designed to make your own decor more distinctive. It adds a stylish touch to the decor of living rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotel rooms and give you a sense of comfort in an elegant and luxurious atmosphere, with modern designs that combine elegance and innovative technology.


TV Mirror Features

  • Mirrors are available in different sizes, 32, 43, 48, 50, 55, 58 and 65, as well as distinctive measurements and designs according to customer's request
  • The glass of the mirror is designed to give attractive
  • TV mirror is consistent with the interior design, unlike traditional TV screens.brightness, and a complete picture without affecting the brightness of the mirror and the colors of the screen.
  • TV Mirror issmart and sophisticated technological product. The screen is capable of connecting to the internet, computers, as well as all the features available in smart TVs.
  • Frame Mirror TV: We offer you 3 options of high-end wood frames, designed to suit the modern decor to frame your TV. You can also design your own frame.
  • Frameless Mirror: TV mirror alone without frame, showing your decor in a modern way, and make watching TV full of fun and luxury.
  • Waterproof Mirror: water-proof TV screen is suitable for bathroom, shower, steam rooms and sauna, designed to be rust resistant with full protection of electronic components. The screen also acts as a mist remover so the screen will not obscure your vision because of its innovative technology.
  • Touch Screen Mirror: TV mirror is specially designed to give a beautiful reflection and image that suits all the decorations of houses, hotelsand exhibitions.

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